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Paille gravée Personnalisation offerte Tarifs dégressifs

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  • 1 straw of 20 cm
  • Personalized engravings
Aesthetic - Bamboo straw is Decorative and aesthetic, it adds a touch of naturalness to each of your drinks and preparations.

Ecological - Bamboo is incredibly eco-friendly because, itsGrowth rate is astonishing: up to 1 m per day. It absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, which helps fight global warming.

100% Natural- Our straws are made from bamboo stems. That's all. No chemicals added, no additional processes, nothing except 100% organic bamboo.

Washable - Before the first use10 minutes in boiling water with the addition of white vinegar (1 dose of vinegar per 20 doses of water). Allow to air dry.Daily maintenance:  With soapy water with your coconut fiber brush. Ogho straws can also be clean  in the dishwasher.

Ethics - Our partnerships are based on dialogue, transparency and respect; the aim is to achieve greater equity and contribute to sustainable development by guaranteeing the rights of producers andWorkers.